VuDu: Finding The Purpose Of Me

VuDu: Finding The Purpose Of Me

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” – William Blake. Jed Madela showcased yet another field that he is currently partaking, the world of paintings and art toys.

Madela who is more popularly known as “The Voice” and the “Singer’s Singer” in the showbiz industry, is now setting foot in another field which he says started with just a hobby when he was backstage and waiting for his time to perform during events and shows. Fast forward to the Covid-19 era where everything was put to halt and live shows looked dim for performers like him; he took the chance to hone more of his artistic capabilities and ventured the world of art toys.

“VuDu: Finding The Purpose Of Me” is one of Madela’s dreams to show everyone that he is not merely just a performer that you see on stage and on screen but he also has other talents that can capture the hearts of his audience. As Madela said, VuDu is his self-character; using the latter as his outlet whenever he feels happy, angry or hitting rock bottom. For the longest time, VuDu became his companion when he felt that he was alone in the industry and became his security blanket that everything will be alright.

All the artworks showcased in this one-man show exhibit contains all of Madela’s emotions at the time he painted and created his works. As you take a closer look at his paintings, you will see encryptions and memoirs that Madela personally wrote that conveyed his true feelings as he caps off each work. Exclusive art toy pieces for the exhibit are also 1 of 1’s and are all hand-painted by Madela himself.

“I think VuDu has found his purpose. It is to inspire, it is to give hope and it is to entertain, but for me as his creator; his purpose is just to give me happiness and for him to give me peace.” Take a part of Jed Madela home and check out “VuDu: Finding The Purpose of Me” at the SinTa Gallery from October 14, 2023 – November 14, 2023 in B2 Promenade Mall, Greenhills.

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