Triple Double Show

Triple Double Show

The Triple Double Show is a 3-man contemporary basketball exhibit that pays homage to the nostalgia years of basketball and its creative elements. The artists behind the show include Jethro Olba, Joses Olba, and Ivan Aratas.

Jethro Olba is an illustrator and designer based in Manila. He is the creative head of his lifestyle brand called Antibiotic Smile and also co-directs an illustrative branding studio named OG Studio. His artistic style is distinguished by its squiggly lines and vibrant cheery creatures, drawing inspiration from vintage basketball, the cubist art movement, classic cartoon series, nostalgic toys, and vintage comic books.

Ivan Aratas, AKA Ivnarts, is a self-taught visual artist from Manila. He is an art & creative director of Van Gore & Sumptuous. He captures the world through his trippy renditions and interpretations of pop and lifestyle culture favorites. From the bright color ups to the overblown proportions that lean on his youthful side, Ivnarts continues his art journey, one crazy piece at a time.

Joses Olba is a Manila-based designer/illustrator. He creates artworks that pay nostalgic homage to the vibrant and weird universe of 90's cartoons. As one of the creative minds behind the brand Antibiotic Smile, he is notable for his captivating character named ‘Schnozy’, which stands out with its unique features of a prominent nose and charming small eyes.

Show Dates: August 5, 2023 - August 31, 2023

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Triple Double Show Artworks