RVR Custom Show

RVR Custom Show

Aljo Ignite, also known as AKI, is a 3D Artist and Animator by profession. He graduated Bachelor of Science in Digital Illustration and Animation at the Ateneo de Naga University. He became interested in creating toys because of his love for bringing characters to life, just like in animation and in RPG games.

At an early age he has already shown an interest in arts. He’s done various art projects like paintings, dioramas, props, posters, and even joined art contests. During his childhood, he also got into games. The escape into a whole different world got his creativity running and let him create characters which made him decide to take animation as his career.

For more than a decade of experience in the animation industry, he was introduced to the toy scene here in the Philippines. It was so new to him that when he saw one of the world renowned toy artist, Quiccs, during Graphika Manila 2020, he immediately fell in love with the craft. Two years later, after learning about how the toy industry works, he dived into producing his own toy in 2022. He took his time making a character that he would want to share with the world. During Toycon on that year, Reaver was released. The rest was history.

Reaver is one of the core member of the D. Rednaught Krew Pirates. He is a cyborg ninja who watches over their ship—the D. Rednaught Kruizer, in short, “D.R.K.”.

Reaver is an assassin who specializes in covert missions and disguise. He can take many forms as he changes his mask and discretely executes the job he’s tasked to do.

He has pledged his loyalty to the Krew and to their Captain, Kaizer, along with all the members of the core team: Viper, Cipher, Danger, Winter and Ender. Fun fact: Some of these other characters were introduced on all the “Reaverse” one-offs.

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