Laro Tayo: VALLVEE x Wetworks

Laro Tayo: VALLVEE x Wetworks

Laro Tayo brings you to an era before fancy mobile phones and touchscreens—back when every kid was playing Tumbang preso and Langit-lupa. The show is a celebration of traditional Pinoy games seen through the lens of original characters by Wetworks and VALVEE.

Show Dates: November 26, 2022 to December 26, 2022


Laro Tayo Figures 





Artist: VALVEE Profile Image

VALVEE is a Filipina visual artist and advertising art director based in Singapore. She loves painting, illustrating, and designing toys. Being born and raised in the Philippines influenced every aspect of Val’s art—from creating everyday patterns, conceptualizing characters, and to using bold images.


ABOUT Wetworks

Artist: Wetworks Profile Image

Wetworks is also a Singapore-based artist and toy designer known for his edgy stylized sculptures and kawaii characters. He is the creator of Foxy and Xin. His approach to creation and design is driven by his desire to continuously evolve his craft through experimentation and true collaboration with fellow artists and designers.



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