KOKAK: GORF Custom Show

KOKAK: GORF Custom Show

Inspired by his love for frogs, art toy designer CHANO created his signature toy, the GORF. He made his frog figure wear things he likes—Carhartt overalls, piercings, and even tattoos.

In his KOKAK Custom Show, he invited over 40+ local and international artists to customize GORF. Each GORF is different and special, with each artist putting their own twist to the figure. From vibrant and surreal designs to intricate hand-painted details, every piece in the "KOKAK: GORF CUSTOM SHOW" is a testament to the boundless creativity and skill of the participating artists!

Experience a visual extravaganza as you explore the imaginative world of GORF. 

Show Dates: July 29, 2023 - August 9, 2023

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