Our Women’s Month show called “IN BLOOM” features artworks from local artists who are passionate about womanhood, femininity, art, and helping each other discover their own unique beauty and strength.

In a world of division, we believe in the power of art. We believe that art can change the world—that art can save lives and help us see past our differences. Art can show us the beauty in ourselves and others, as it's all around us.

Show Dates: March 4-31, 2023

Featured Artists:

Obscure Prototype Lab, mankeeboi, Ramona Dela Cruz-Gaston, Wehkid, pattpiha, Paulo Amparo, Steffi ü, Chano, Snow Sushi, CCONTROL, Mad Monkey, Kamille, Ireland, Bayawak, Esia, Burgs, Studio A+I, DTC Studios, Klaris, Bea Araneta (Neonsplitz), NIAKIE.MEOW, mimaaaaaaaaw, Isen Alejo, KASHU, Creon Chkn

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IN BLOOM Image Gallery